About Us

Cranbourne Street Food Park is a first permanent Food truck park and bar in South East.

Eating out will never be a boring experience ever again. Welcome to the new era of a dynamic food scene that is constantly evolving and is focused on offering a lip-smacking experience to all its visitors. We are transcending cultures and tastes to give you the crème dela crème of food options from all over the world. A beautifully set up food truck park right next to Cranbourne Railway Station that is bound to make any night special and worth remembering.

We offer a range of delicious food items from around the world that are bound to sweep you off your taste buds. Our Cranbourne street food park is known for its all-inclusive culture that opens its doors to food and drinks of all types and sizes. From tiny delectable slider burgers to large scrumptious deep dish pizzas, there is nothing that you won’t find with us.

We are not only about the food, though. There are drink bars, drive through cafes, entertainment spaces, children’s areas and much more. Our policy is to give you a good time no matter your age.